Personal Improvement: Simplify Your Life

Personal Improvement

When you simplify your life you can invest your full concentration on what matters to you most. Your goal being to maximize your return on your time and energy. If you are spending time chasing projects, people, social events, careers, goals, that do not necessarily bring you happiness and fulfillment – give them up; they were probably not the right vision for you. If you simplify your life, you will find the time and space to respond to what is important to you in life. The following are some ideas for simplifying your life:

  • Reduce time invested in running errands. Your goal is to invest your time into what is of most benefit to you. How much time do you think you invest into running errands every week? There are reasonable solutions.
  • Automate your administrative and financial tasks.
  • Utilize free email reminder services
  • Eliminate any routine commitments, volunteer committees, promises, projects, and activities that are not priorities in your life. If you are not passionate about it, don’t do it. Your goal is to free up space so you can focus on what matter to you most.
  • Eliminate people in your life who drain you of energy. If you have friends who are not growing you and giving you energy, dismiss them from your social calendar.
  • Order as many products on-line as possible. Almost anything today, including your groceries can be ordered from your desk and delivered to your home.
  • Delegate as many household chores as possible.

The goal is to be living your life to the fullest, enjoying your lifestyle rather than chasing a lifestyle. The key question is, does your lifestyle enhance your life, or do you spend all your time absorbed in enhancing your lifestyle? Ask yourself, what changes do I need to make to simplify my life so can enjoy a rewarding lifestyle?

Thoughts by Thomas J. Leonard, The 28 Laws of Attraction

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