Public Speaking

This is a list of books recommended for more insight on public speaking:
Dale Carnegie
The Quick And Easy Way To Effective Speaking
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Dale Carnegie’s easy-to-master five-step program will put you on track to be a powerful, effective speaker. Exchange self-consciousness for self-confidence. Learn how to persuade, to get action, to impress and convince, and to entertain.

John C. Maxwell
Everyone Communicates Few Connect
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How can you really connect with others? John Maxwell says, “Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them. The ability to communicate and connect with others is a major determining factor in reaching your potential. To be successful you must be able to connect with others.” John teaches you the skills to learn how to connect.

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  1. Julie says:

    I didn’t know Dale Carnegie had a book on public speaking. I’ll check it out. If it’s Dale Carnegie, it has to be good. Thanks!

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