Personal Growth: Your Future is in the Present Moment Experience

You are most attractive to others when you are living in the present moment – not living in the future, striving for it, or trying to repair the past.  The following are thoughts presented by Thomas J. Leonard in The 28 Laws of Attraction about how to focus on the value of present moment living.

When you focus your attention more on the future than the present, the destination will hold more importance than experiencing the journey, losing the real gift of the present. If you place your energy into perfecting the present, you will automatically attract a better future.

To live in the present, stop attempting to lay out perfectly identifiable goals. It is more important to have a vision of where you want to go and focus on evolving as you travel along on your journey. You must be willing to hold your plans loosely and learn as you go, maximizing your present moment experiences.

To live in the present, associate with people who are involved with creative endeavors that express their values. To find them, involve yourself in creative endeavors that express your values.

To live in the present, take the words if and when out of your vocabulary. Stop hoping about the future.

To live in the present, get to know 100% of you, just as you are, and open a dialogue between your head and your heart. Stay focused in the present where you are constantly evolving.

To live in the present moment, limit mind escape activities to a reasonable time period- they are thieves of the present moment experience.

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