Personal Growth Tip: Focus on Your Feelings, Not Your Emotions

Feelings and emotions are often confused with one another. Feelings are in the present where emotional reactions live in the past and future. Experiencing our feelings and emotional reactions can have very different consequences for all of us. To feel something is to sense something that is happening to you right now; it connects you with the present moment.  When you emotionally react to something, a triggering event in the present has caused you to react emotionally to something in your past – either an unresolved insecurity, personal experience, or a fear. Focusing on your feelings gives you the opportunity to become more focused on the present moment experience, opening up new horizons, experiences, and potential. In contrast, emotional reactions trap us in unpleasantness. If you find yourself reacting emotionally to stuff, you will not be feeling much. And without feeling you will remove yourself from the opportunity to sense the present moment. Your goal is to become aware of when you are emotionally reacting versus experiencing feeling the present moment. Once you decide you want to feel and sense more of the present, you will become overwhelmed with all that you are feeling and sensing. You will become fascinated with situations, events, people, and the environment.

Thoughts by Thomas J. Leonard, The 28 Laws of Attraction

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