Need To Feel Loved?

Do you say to yourself, “If only I could feel loved?”  Maybe you are not looking in the right places. Every person who enjoys a fulfilling, content, joyful life knows how to find and feel loved by harnessing the power of love.

I encourage you to read THE SECRET: THE POWER by Rhonda Byrne – it may change your life. The following are some of the thoughts I valued and would like to share with you.

The life of your dreams, to feel loved and flourish in happiness, may be much closer to you than you realize. The power of enjoying a magical and exciting relationship with love is right inside of you. Think about this statement by Rhonda Byrne, everything you want to do or become comes from love. Without the love for doing something or being someone, there would not be any positive reason to get out of bed in the morning. It is the positive force of love that inspires us to do things, just as it is the lack of love that creates negative feelings toward things. Every time you experience negative feelings it is because you do not feel love toward something.

Love is more than just a feeling – it is a positive force. Every person who flourishes in life understands how to utilize the power of love as a positive force to live an amazing life. Rhonda explains, to harness the positive force of love you must understand the power of the law of attraction. The law of attraction says whatever you give out, you get back. Give out positive feelings and you receive positive feelings back. Give negativity and you receive negativity back.

How do you receive loving feelings to satisfy your need to feel loved? Remember you are a feeling being. All good feelings will come from your thoughts, words, and actions that arise from love. This means you have the power to improve the love and joy in your life simply by changing your thoughts. Think about what you love and talk about what you love. When your thoughts, words, and actions reflect what you love, you will give out positive feelings to others. Successful people who live great lives focus their thoughts on what they love; it shows in their words and actions.

Start thinking and talking about all of the things you love in life. Talk about what you loved about your  day, talk about what you love about your career, talk about your loving relationships, talk about what you learned that excites you, talk about a personal goal you love working toward, talk about everything you love in life.

You have an unlimited ability to improve the love and joy in your life because you have an unlimited ability to think and talk about that which you love. When you feel good it is because your words and actions are coming from thinking about those things which you love. By feeling good you will be giving loving feelings to those around you. When you give loving feelings, love will be returned to you. You will feel loved.

This statement by Rhonda is very important. She so accurately says, “understand your life is not happening to you; life is always responding to you. You are the creator of your life as well as the love in your life. You write your life story every day from your thoughts, words, and actions. The most motivating power in your life is pursuing what makes you feel good. You are 100 percent in control of generating good feelings by focusing your thoughts on what you love. When you generate good feelings, you will attract good feelings back from others. Think of yourself as a magnet- you will receive what you feel. If you are enthusiastic and cheerful, you will attract positive people, situations, and events. If you are feeling low, you will attract negative people, situations, and events.  The goal is to take charge of your feelings; rather than reacting and responding to what is happening to you, control your feelings by thinking positive thoughts about what you love. Once your thoughts are tipped decidedly toward what you love, you will give off positive feelings and love will be returned to you. It is within everyone’s power to feel loved.

Up to this point in time your life has become what you imagined it to be. Unfortunately, many people put limits on themselves; they make life choices to protect themselves from their fears; they think about and make decisions based upon protecting their inner self or avoiding things that could go wrong. You have to imagine the best of what you want and who you want to become. Successful people who live great lives imagine and feel a strong love of what they want in their heart. Desire is love. When you focus your imagination on what you desire, you focus on what you love; what you put the power of your imagination toward, you will receive.

Just as what you imagine affects your life, your beliefs about yourself and the world around you will also determine the outcome of your life. What you believe to be true becomes your thoughts; what you give your thoughts to determine your feelings; what you feel is returned to you. Unfortunately, you may believe the world you see to be true, but in fact most things you believe about yourself and your world are not true. Your world is unlimited and there are all kinds of things you cannot see. When you free yourself from your limited realities and beliefs, you will have the power to shape an unlimited future for yourself. If you believe, you can be whomever you want; you can have whatever you desire. Just imagine what you love and allow the power of love to return to you the people, circumstances, and life you want and love.

We all need to feel loved. The idea I hope that resonates with you is that we can all find love; we can all feel loved. As Rhonda so eloquently says, simply look for the things you love in life every day. There is no limit to the opportunities that are available to fill your life with love because there is no limit to the amount of love you can feel inside you. You can love more than you ever imagined. When you fall in love with everything surrounding you in life, every limitation will disappear; love will pour into your life.

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