Personal Growth Tips: Focus on Character

John C. Maxwell, in The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth says, “If we desire to grow and reach our potential, we must pay more attention to our character than to our success. We must recognize that personal growth means more than expanding our minds and adding to our skills. It means increasing our capacity as human beings. It means maintaining core integrity, even when it hurts. It means being who we should be, not just being where we want to be. It means maturing our soul.”

The following are examples of  aspirations to empower each of us on our own character building journey:

Focus on being better on the inside than the outside. Our character represents who we are on the inside. What we believe really matters. An ancient writer said, ”As we think in our hearts, we become.” Getting the inside right must come first – with solid character traits that provide the foundation for growth.

  • Follow the golden rule; it will inspire you to focus on impacting the people in your life with love, support, and understanding.
  • Teach about what you are passionate and truly believe in.
  • Value humility. We can value humility by admitting our weaknesses, being open to correction, and being patient with others weaknesses. We can value humility by being open to new ideas, asking questions, listening, and being teachable. We can value humility by being willing to serve others. We can value humility by maintaining an attitude of gratitude for all of the free blessings in our life. Humility is when we believe every accomplishment we have has come in part because of the efforts of others.

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