Fundamentals For Success: Visualize it, plan it, do it!

It is impossible to move forward from our present circumstances until we first decide who we want to become and where we want to go in life. Realize you are going to have to live in the future you build for yourself; wouldn’t you rather live in a future you have planned for yourself rather than letting your day to day circumstances determine your future? To create your best future you are going to have to learn how to dream and plan; all great achievers visualize their future.

You must dare to dream! Great achievers develop a clearly defined picture of who they want to become and where they are going; they have the ability to set specific goals for the future. When we know where we are going, it is easier to make decisions as to where to invest our time and energy.  The only way to become your best self in the future is to imagine what type of life you want, continually visualize your future, and plan what steps are necessary to get there.

As Dr. Dave Martin says in his book, The 12 Traits of the Greats, one of the main reasons people lose track of their dreams is because they fail to write them down; one of the reasons we fail to achieve our dreams is because we fail to continually visualize them.  Jump- start your life by writing down what your dream career and life look like? How would you like to spend your time? What type of home do you want to own? What are your travel and hobby aspirations? What do you want your relationships to look like? Who do you want to become?  Without a vision for each aspect of your life, mediocrity will set in and rob you of your greatness.

Studies at Harvard University proved that students who visualize a task in advance have close to 100 percent success when it comes to performing it. Researchers have found that whenever you perform any task, your brain uses the same processes and mechanisms when you visualize performing the task. Visualization is a powerful tool; visualize your goals as a completed task. Keep in mind this process also works in reverse; the person who dwells on negative thoughts and images will perform at lower levels of success.

Your dreams will become true in the implementation stage; you must plan your dreams in order for them to become reality; nothing will happen without a written plan to make it happen, hard work, persistence, and sacrifice. Nothing will kill a dream faster than procrastination, so providing the motivation to do something every day to move the dream forward is very important. Decide where you want to end up, what you need to do to get there, and create a daily to-do list.

Success is discovered in one’s most private thoughts and brought to life through visualization, planning, and action.

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