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I want you to be happy, to love yourself and your life every day;

…to find meaning in your life;

…to reach your fullest potential;

…and to pass your success on to others.

Whether you are searching for a more fulfilling purpose in life, or are happy with your life and simply looking for new ideas for self-improvement, this site may offer you some helpful information: dozens of at-a-glance, easy-to-read summaries of key self-help books that could transform your outlook on life.

I publish a self-improvement article every two weeks. The articles are excerpts from the abridged reviews I have written of some of the best self-improvement books available today. The articles are absolutely free. The abridged reviews of the self-improvement books are available to download for 87 cents each. They are short, to-the-point, loaded with helpful information, and easy to read.

Everyone can improve the quality of their lives. Everyone can learn how to become the person they want to be. Everyone can lead a happier, fulfilling, purposeful life… including you.

How to Benefit from This Website

A good place to start and get acquainted is with the free tips on the subjects of interest to you.

I have published several free articles for your review, which are topic-specific. They are short, easy-to-read, quick, and to-the-point.  If you would like to receive new articles absolutely FREE, you can subscribe within this website. They are published every two weeks.

I have published summaries of the key points of published, best-selling self-improvement books. They offer more detail than the articles, but are also to-the-point and easy-to-read, and provide valuable learning lessons. The abridged summaries vary from four to twenty pages and sell for 87 cents each. You may review a brief description of each book’s objective as well as an author biography. Simply click on the topics that interest you.

Why Improve?

Are you truly happy with your situation, yourself, your purpose, and what you spend your time doing every day? Would you like to change some things about your personality—to be more like someone else in certain areas of your life? Are your fears stopping you from becoming the person you wish to become? Do you wish you had more confidence—possibly building a larger network of friends or learning a new skill or hobby?

Maybe you would like to have more meaningful, life-fulfilling goals, but you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you believe if your life’s circumstances were different, you would be happier. Or possibly you are searching for ways to help your children, loved ones, or friends achieve these goals.

The good news: Everything on this wish list is possible. You have the power to change and improve. You can love your life, be fulfilled, and overflow with confidence, friends, self-satisfaction, love, purpose, success, and happiness. I would like to share information with you that may help you achieve your full potential.

Anything worthwhile will not be easy. Realistically, it is never easy to change or improve. It will take awareness, planning, and action; but if you are willing to learn how to discover the spirit within you and take control of your own life with planned actions, you can live a more rewarding, fulfilling, happier life. Anyone can improve their life, and help others to do the same.

Why Should You Trust Me?

It’s simple. I have a sincere passion to share valuable information with you, which may improve the quality of your life. I love to learn anything that may aid in my own self-improvement, and have read hundreds of self-help books in my life. I love helping others grow. I am one of the lucky ones—born in a free country by parents who gave me three very special gifts. Do you know what those gifts were? One was a gift to believe in myself, to believe I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. Another gift was the encouragement to dream big; and yet another was my parents’ modeling the rewards of action.

Like most life journeys, mine has been a mixture of successes and failures. I have enjoyed a wonderful forty-year marriage to my high school sweetheart, raised two independent, successful daughters, and accumulated a wealth of wonderful friends. I have been fortunate enough to start four successful businesses and built each into million-dollar companies over the last forty-six years. (Learn more at

The road to any success is always cluttered with roadblocks, frustrations, false starts, numerous mistakes, and downright dumb ideas. But failing has never deterred me because I naturally have always viewed failure as an opportunity to learn rather than a flaw in my personality. Confident, positive thinking is natural for me because I was given those special gifts—self-belief, big dreams, and never-ending action.

At the age of thirty-four, I was destined a life of nerve pain in my left leg that would render me unable to function on my feet or sleep normally for the next twenty-four years. The nerve pain was continuously occurring, the loss of mobility and independent living was depression-inducing. The loss of my young, active lifestyle was taken from me. I would be fifty-eight years old before I would be able to function normally again on my feet without pain.

But I refused to be a victim. I refused to let my uncontrollable circumstances define my life. I was determined to control my life’s outcomes and my daily happiness. I was determined to start more businesses. I was determined to lead my family to excel. I was determined to build a rewarding social life. I was determined to continue to learn and grow as a person. I was determined to accomplish all of my written life goals and live a rewarding, fulfilling life with purpose. I had the strength to do this because I was given those special gifts—self-belief, big dreams, and never-ending action.

In order to overcome the pain, immobility, and numerous personal and business mistakes, I had to successfully reinvent myself many times. To live happy fulfilling lives, we all must be successful at reinventing ourselves to adjust to the changing circumstances of our lives. Maybe you were born into a disadvantaged family situation or you have ended up in a bad marriage. Perhaps your children were born with life-altering diseases; you have experienced loss of employment and income; developed a disabling health problem; suffered a horrific accident; experienced the loss of a loved one; or you are trapped in the loneliness of old age.

Life throws everyone a lot of curveballs from the day we are born until the day we die. In between birth and death it is our responsibility to continually reinvent ourselves so we may lead happy, rewarding and fulfilling lives.

I would like to offer you information that may benefit you regardless of your level of happiness today.

My Hope for You

I hope these at-a-glance, easy-to-read summaries of key self-help books will help you to believe in yourself, dream big and turn dreams into planned actions—to become more confident, to live a life filled with purpose, success, love and genuine happiness. I hope this information will help you grow so you can also serve your loved ones and friends.

To serve and benefit others you must first build your own house to be strong. Think in terms of your personal growth as the ripple effect a pebble makes when you throw it into the water. As you grow, you are better equipped to help others—and the ripple effect continues in a never-ending cycle from person to person.

I am not a trained psychologist or therapist. I do not have a financial agenda. But of equal importance, I have lived a life filled with an ownership of spirit which comes from deep within me—a life of happiness, love and self-confidence—a life so fulfilled with meaningful purpose that I get high on what I do every day. I understand what it requires to accomplish these life pursuits, even in the face of many challenges. I have devoted an unlimited number of hours to reading hundreds of the best self-improvement books ever written. Why? Because I have a passion to share valuable self-improvement information with my family, friends and you.

Benefits of Articles and Book Summaries:

  • Find purpose and meaning in your life
  • Build self-confidence
  • find happiness
  • create success for your self
  • find love
  • grow your self-esteem
  • be a better parent
  • succeed at public speaking
  • develop new friends
  • succeed at small talk
  • benefit from positive thinking
  • set goals to achieve your dreams
  • develop leadership talents
  • manage your anger
  • benefit from positive self-talk
  • become a better listener
  • successfully reinvent yourself
  • Tap the power of effective communication
  • Tap the power of kindness
  • Tap the benefits of serving others
  • build self-esteem in children
  • manage grief
  • build a stronger marriage


“We know what we are, but not what we may become.” —William Shakespeare

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